Social media has been around for quite a long time already, yet many people are still reluctant to use it in business, specifically in their Accounting Business. It is because they don’t believe they can get a customer there. Some think that it takes so much time and others simply don’t know how to use it. Almost all business owners find social media very intimidating. So, here are 5 ways a Virtual Assistant can help you with Social Media Management for your accounting or bookkeeping business.

Valuable Content – Giving your audience content that they would find valuable will help you connect to your potential clients. Usually, what Virtual Assistant (VA) does is assist you in creating content for your blog and post links for easy access to the services you offer. If you don’t have a blog, your VA can help set it up for you. Video content, GIFs, or memes that are related to your business can also be used and posted on your social media. Your Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant will help you in making your content more fun, shareable, and easy to digest. Creating something eye-catching or a headline that grabs the attention of your audience is a must have.

Employee and Client Testimonials – Posting about your employees is a great way for your audience to get to know you and your people better. Your social messaging doesn’t have to be all about accounting all the time. Your VA will help you tell your story and build an emotional connection with your potential clients. Talk about the vastness of experience your team has, what their background is, these items can help someone connect to someone from your team. Videos of client testimonials are a great way to share them. In this way, clients will be more aware of your work environment and values. If a potential client sees someone they know personally who is already your client raving about their great experience with your company, what better advertising can there be?

Trending Topics – Sharing relevant posts from authorities in the accounting field is important to be able to maintain an impression that your company is up-to-date and aware of the latest trending topics. You don’t have to always create content yourself. VA’s will help you find posts about taxation and other accounting-related updates to be shared on your social media. Maybe even some tips and tricks or best practices can prove useful as content.

Reviews & Feedback – Building a community of past and present clients is a way for you to attract more audiences. Your Virtual assistants will help you in persuading clients to write comments, ask questions, and comment feedback. Your potential clients will trust you more when they see the testimonies of others and will appreciate you more because Virtual Assistants will be able to answer their queries more efficiently. Your virtual assistant can gather client feedback and help you create a campaign to showcase your happy clients and online reviews.

Social media has revolutionized our lives. It changes the participation and sharing of information. Its main goal is to connect to everyone everywhere in the world. And your main goal as a business owner is to get your story out there and use it as a platform to make a connection with everyone who might need your Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. Potential and ideal clients are always on social media. So, use it to your advantage and hire a Virtual Assistant that can help you reach them!